BEC – Exam Preparation


BEC – Exam Preparation

BEC Exam Preparation(Please ask for availability)

The course is 15 hours of lessons a week. This course focuses on communication skills as well as grammar and vocabulary-building while concentrating on work-related themes. It is aimed at upper intermediate level students leading to the BEC Vantage examination.

This course is for people who already have good English skills, but who still have some problems with accuracy, fluency and vocabulary.

By the end of the BEC – Exam Preparation course you will be able to:

  • discuss business topics with ease
  • express opinions and give appropriate reasons
  • understand and comment on the opinions of others
  • describe and comment on topics such as branding, globalisation, advertising, and travel
  • take part in meetings, negotiations, socialise in a work setting, and give presentations
  • speak clearly and naturally so that people understand you
  • understand the main points and details of authentic written business texts
  • summarise texts in speech and writing
  • recognize and use the appropriate format and language for different written text types.